KJ754 Mining Personnel Management System
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KJ754 Mining Personnel Management System

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Product description

● It is the the latest international communication technology, combining with the actual situation of our country's mines, the fourth generation of mine personnel management system is developed, and the system adopts a bus-type network structure. It integrates personnel attendance, real-time monitoring, location tracking, daily management, remote command, and two-way communication. The technical indicators are fully in line with current national standards such as GB3836-2010 and AQ-6210-2007.




Main technical parameters


 Technical parameters
Effective receiving range of base station 50~80 m
Quantity of wireless receiving station ≤325ets
Max quantity of ID card  9999pes
 Error rate of system transmission <10"-8"
System polling inspection period <30s
Transmission mode GANBus
Transmission rate 5kbps
Operating frequengy (2.4~2.524)GHz
Max wireless power <5dBm
Max movement speed of ID card >5m/s
Max movement speed of ID card >80pcs
Product certification MA certificate No. KA certificate No. Explosion-proof certificate No.
 KJ754 Mining personnel management system  MFD140008 KFD140002 /
KJ754-F Mining intrinsically safe IDcardreading station  MFC140005 KFC140005 320131760
FDY10 Mining Portable card reader MFD140007 KFD140001 320131758
 KJ754-JGround cutput intrinsically safe information transmission interface MFC140006 KFC140006 320131761
KJ754-K ID card MFD140006 KFD140003 320131759
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Assocated device KDW127/12B Mining explosion-proof&intrinsically safe DC stabilized power supply
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