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CLH100 Hydrogen sulfide Detector

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Product description

● Adopting electrochemical sensors, embedded microcontroller intelligent control technology, four-digit LED display, it can detect the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air in real time.

● It has functions such as intelligent adjustment, time display, battery working voltage detection, intermittent sound and light alarm, adjustable alarm point, and undervoltage alarm.


Main technical parameters


Technical parameters Measuring range (0~100) ×10-6
Intrinsic error Range (0~49) ×10-6 (50~100) ×10-6
error ±3 ±10%  ±10% of true value

Response time

Resolution ratio 1 ×10-6
Sensor life >2yrs(electrochemistry)
Sound intensity level >75dB

Battery pack

Operating hours >7d
Explosion proof type Exib I Mb
Dimensions 116×56×25mm
Product certification MA certificate No. MFA090089
KA certifiate No. MFA090009
Explosion proof certificate No. 320180022
Matching information Standard configuration Charger,calibration connector,leather case
 Optional device

Charging rack for mining instrument

Dedicated combined charger



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