DGS50Ex Radar Induction Mine Flameproof LED Lamp
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DGS50Ex Radar Induction Mine Flameproof LED Lamp

It is an ATEX certified radar inductive explosion-proof light for fixed lighting in explosive hazard environments.
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Product description

● The lamp housing is made of cast steel material with high strength and can adapt to various harsh eviroments.

● Realize intellgent and energy-saving control of lamps by radar microwave induction. The micropower and full power modes are automatically switched according to actual operating conditions.

● Optical grade tempered glass lampshade with high light transmittance and good impact resistance.

● Wide voltage input, constant current drive.

● Multipe itlaton methods.

● In linewith international standardIEC6009-1,suitable forunderground fxed flod lighting incal




Main technical parameters


 Technical parameters
Models and specfication DGS50Ex
Rated working voltage AC 85V-265V
Full power 50W
Micro power 10W
lluminationt(at 3m away from lamp) Micro-power:>50lx
Full power:>320lx
Exploslon-proof type Ex d I Mb
Radar microwave sensing distance 8-10m
 Dimenslons 310x150x150
Weight 8.5kg
 Housing material Cast steel
Executive standard

EN IEC/EN60079-0, IEC/EN60079-1


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