Gas Inspection Patrol Management System
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Gas Inspection Patrol Management System

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Product description
● The system mainly realizes digital patrol, and realizes the integrated service of data storage, analysis and printing after patrol.
● The user can carry the measuring instrument, perform patrol, and reach the position of the electronic tag, press the patrol button of the measuring instrument, and wait for 10s, the measuring instrument will automatically save the gas concentration information at the current position
● The adapter can be used to connect the tester to the PC, and the special management software can be used to realize patrol data storage, playback and printing of reports, and data analysis.
Main characteristics
● Using wireless mode, patrol points can be set flexibly.
● Adopt ultra-low power consumption design, long standby time.
● Can store, replay and print reports.
● Data analysis can be carried out, and analysis curve can be drawn.
● With over-limit and low-battery alarm functions.

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