CCZ-1000 Direct-reading Dust Detector
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CCZ-1000 Direct-reading Dust Detector

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Product description

● LCD display, can store 50 sets of measurement data, the separation efficiency meets the international standard curve of "BMRC" respirable dust separation efficiency.

● Confgured with PC software via USB port and the computer link, for data download, print and other operations.

● Equipped with a grading dust collector, which can measure respirable dust or total dust separately.




Main technical parameters


 Technical parameters Measurement range of concentration (0~1000)mg/m'3'
Sampling flow 2L/min
Error of sampling flow ≤2.5%
Relative error of stability ±2.5%
Measuring error ±20%
Operating hours >10h 
Explosion-proof type Exib I Mb
Dimensions/Gross weigh 235×80×155mm/1.5kg
Product certification KAcertificate No. MFA070094 
Exlosion proof cetificate No. 320180024
Matching information Standard configuration Impact sampling head, impact plate, 7501 off vacuum tumor, fiber special filter film, filter clip, correction flow meter, correction connection head, communication cable, optical disc, sample crystal box, special tools, special charger, leather box, shao alloy packing box, tripod.

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