SDL2.8L Explosion-proof flashlight
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SDL2.8L Explosion-proof flashlight

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Product description

● Flameproof design,the shellis made of high strength aluminum alloy finishing forming, surface hard oxidation treatment, high strength, good corrosion resistance.

● Using American CREE-XPG series lamp beads,high luminous efficiency,low luminous decay.

● Concentrating light cup design,long range.

● Magneticlly controlled rotary switch design, simple operation, excellent switch life and water resistance.

● Suitable for portable mobile lighting of cassll (explosive gas)and ClassI (combustible dust) explosion-related environments.




Main technical parameters



 Technical parameters
Type SDL2.8L
Battery type Nickel cobal lithium manganite
Rated capaclty 18650/2.8Ah
Ratcd voltage 3.7V
 Lighting time (1hpoation modo)>4h (Low position mode)>8h (Strobe mode)>20h
LED power 3W(High position mode)
Ilumination distance in high position >100m
Operating current 0.7A
 Luminous flux >210Lm
Ilumination distance in high position at 1m away from the lamp  >35000Lx
at 10m away from the lamp >450Lx
Charging time <8h
Battery life >500(Charge-discharge cycles)
Shell material (Aluminium aloy)6061
Dimensions 150mm*40mm
Weight 300g
Explosion-proof type Exd ib lI C T6 Gb (Gaseous environment) EX Td A21 IP66 T85℃(Dust environment)


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