KJ850 Mining Information Display System

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KJ850 Mining Information Display System

The system is a multimedia information system with explosion-proof structure for LED information guidance and release, public voice broadcasting, two-way voice intercom, and environmental parameter monitoring. It can be widely used in mines to complete functions such as public broadcasting, production scheduling, and disaster avoidance guidance, and improve the management level of safe production in mines. System characteristics
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Product description

● The system has the characteristics of high cost performance, high reliability, long life, easy installation and use. The smallest unit display module package can be arbitrarily spliced ​​into a larger size display screen without adding a protective shell.
● The system adopts self-healing optical fiber network, and all information is digitally transmitted. It has the advantages of long communication distance, high reliability, anti-interference, lightning protection, etc., and can be well applied to emergency communications in highways, mine tunnels, etc. occasion.
● The combination of display terminal is flexible, the display unit can work independently, and can also be composed of various sizes of display screens with no more than 64 basic units according to needs. Information release is convenient, and the information release supports multi-region screen and text editing and display, which can display the same content on all terminals or release different information separately according to needs.
● The system has an environmental parameter monitoring function, which automatically collects and displays the current environmental parameters (CH4CO, 0:, HS, ℃, RH) when there is no information to be released.
● The system has public voice broadcast and two-way voice intercom functions. Public broadcasting functions such as background music, daily broadcasting, emergency notification, etc. can be completed simultaneously with the release of LED information or separately. When needed, the underground personnel can make a voice intercom call with the management center.




Main technical parameters


Technical parameters
System accessible controller quanty(MAX) 1
Permissible quantity of display screen connected to controller(MAX) 64
 Response time of exporting 85% of the full size graphic ≤2s
Export the rest Graphlc ≤5s
Transmission distance between controller and LED display screen >5m
Transmission distance between controller and photoelectric converter >5m
Transmission mode between controller and photoelectric converter RS485
Transmission distance between photoelectric convertors 10km.1310Sinqle mode fiber,100Mbps Transmission distance between photoelectricconvertors
Transmlsson rate 57600bps
Power supply Rated voltage AC220V
Certification MA certificate No. KA certificate No. Expbosion-proof certificate
KJ850 mining information display system   MFJ140001 KFJ140001 /
PH5mining intrinsically sfe LED display screen  MAJ140033  KAJ140003 320131994
KXH5 mining intrinsiallysafe LEDdisplay screen controller MAB140123 KAB140005 320131995
KZG5 intinsically safe photoelectric converter MAJ140034 KAJ140004 320131996
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